Leave in Conditioners for damaged hair
Leave in Conditioners for damaged hair


Questions are asked what damaged hair looks like and if at all hair can be damaged. The simple truth is that hair can be damaged and it is not a good site to look at. Damaged hair is very porous, dry and easily breaks. This is because there is elongation of the upper hair shaft layer. It has a somewhat rough texture and lacks elasticity. Damaged hair may also look very spongy, and when wet, it easily tangles. Finally, damaged hair fades and losses color very quickly because the color is easily absorbed by air. One solution to treating these adverse conditions is by using Leave in Conditioners for damaged hair.



There are very many contributing factors to damaged hair. This includes the following;

Environmental factors

Very strong sun, variations in temperatures and changes in the humidity conditions affect the hair cuticle. The hair losses its shining impression and suppleness because its natural composition is disrupted. The hair also becomes brittle, losses its strength and its attractiveness.

Hair Care Products

Not all hair care products are good food for your hair. Some contain very dangerous and harmful chemicals that cause damage to the hair. These kinds of products leave chemical deposits on your scalp and hair. The deposits have a negative effect on the hair as they prevent it from freely growing. Other chemical residues have the effect of causing hair breakages and hair fall.

Blow Dry

This is a surprise agent for damaging the hair to many. Yes. Blow dry damages the hair. It causes an effect of “flash drying”, where the hair is forced to dry at a very first rate because there is no water of hydration. Flash drying makes the cuticle dry and very brittle. The cuticle cracks causing significant hair breakages when the hair flexes.

Towel Drying

Wet hair is susceptible to damage. Rubbing your head with a towel could easily damage your hair because it raptures the cuticle making the hair vulnerable to breakages.

Brushing Wet Hair

As mentioned above, wet hair is very susceptible to damage. It is always advisable to be very gentle with wet hair. Instead of using a brush, is recommended to use your fingers or a wide comb to remove the tangles.

Flat and Curl Irons

Ironing hair causes two types of damages depending on the state of hair when being ironed. Ironing dry hair causes the edge of the cuticle to dry leading chipping while ironing wet hair leads to flash drying just like with the blow dry. This causes hair to collapse. All these types of hair ironing can lead to hair damage as they cause breakages.


There is hope for damaged hair. One does not need to frown upon damaged hair as there is a wide range of conditioners that can be used to treat the damaged hair. To condition basically means to restore or bring back to the proper state. Conditioning has proven to be a very good remedy for damaged hair. This type of hair requires leave-in conditioners for proper restoration. The following are the best leave-in conditioners for damaged hair.

Reviews on Available products

InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair treatment

As earlier discussed, too much exposure to heat can cause damage to your hair. This conditioner is engineered to help revitalize your hair, repair heat damage, and bring back life giving your hair softness and shine. The product has nutrients it supplies to the strands of the hair taming frizz, split ends and dryness by hydrating the hair.

The infused carrot seed component in it has vitamin E, A and beta-carotene which ensures the scalp remains moist giving your hair a healthy look. The organic Argan Oil helps in improve elasticity of dry and brittle hair. The organic coconut oil has the effect of preventing breakages and hair protein loss. This makes the hair manageable and retains its shine.

Because it is a strong and effective treatment,  a few drops are required to cover ends of the hair all the way up. It can also double up as a heat protector for any type of hair and does not leave behind a greasy appearance. It protects hair shafts from wear and tear, nourishes, and restores length, shine and silkiness, making it easy to style.


Maple Holistic Silk18 Conditioner

Silk18 conditioner has the ability to tame frizz, dry hair, reduces static effect and is ideal for curly hair. It is also safe for colored treated hair as it is sulfate free. This conditioner contains a multiple range of conditioning agents and natural components to condition all types of hair. It has eighteen different silk amino acids which has an effect of making the hair silky and soft because it has moisture retention capabilities. Keratin levels in the hair are replenished by jojoba and Argan oil which also strengthens protects and provide the hair with shine. Low botanical keratin levels bring about frizz. It has no potential danger to hair because it contains natural ingredients with no harmful additives.  Natural vanilla enhances the product by giving it a sweet smelling scent.


Argan Oil Serum for Hair

Argan oil serum has been proven to be of top quality when it comes to hair treatment. It is rich in antioxidants and suitable for every type of hair, whether thick, thing, short or long. With this product, you can never go wrong when you desire very strong and silky hair. It is also suitable for dyed and permed hair. Argan oil does not add unneeded weight on your hair because it is quickly absorbed into the follicles and a few drops of it goes a long way to give a lasting impression.

When applied on damp hair, it makes it easily manageable preventing tangling when combing and also tames dry hair. It protects the hair from harmful sun rays, dust and heat from styling. The conditioner makes your hair shiny, healthy, silky and soft. It repairs all types of damaged hair stopping and preventing hair loss. Further, it also protects it from chlorine in swimming pools and sea water.

Keratin Hair Mask Leave in Conditioner

Keratin hair mask has been famed for being ten times efficient than any ordinary conditioner. It makes your hair look and feel healthier than before. In addition to creating a protective layer around the hair, it brings out a shiny appearance like no other because of the keratin in it. The product restores moisture and suppleness making it silky and soft, and does away with frizz. It contains silk amino acids, wheat germ oil, carrot seed oil, Avocado Oil and Caju Oil. These components are highly nutritious to the hair. It adds volume to the hair but does not add unnecessary weight to it. This product works very quickly eliminating tangles and has a lasting impression.

Aveeno Nourish and Condition Treatment Spray

This treatment does more than just nourish and condition the hair as it moisturizes it giving it new life. It is ideal for dry and damaged hair as it repairs in three uses. The blend of wheat protein and wheat germ oil improves hair strength, softness and shine. Using it as part of a complete nourish and regimen helps protect the hair from thermal styling damage.

Additional Leave in Conditioners

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave in Product

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product has been known for its wide range of purposes when it comes to repairing damaged hair. Its rich vein of components helps repair dry damaged hair, controls frizz by adding shine and smoothing it and makes it easy to detangle. It protects hair from losing its color, prevents split ends and stops breakages. Amazingly, it gives the hair a luscious silky look enhancing its natural body. Finally, it protects the hair from heat, flat irons, curl irons, blow dry and excessive heat from the sun.

Leave-in Conditioner Argan Hair Cream

Argan products have been in the market since 1943 and it can be trusted to give remarkable results. Initially, the product was only available to professional Boutique salons but due to demand and its top quality, it has been availed to anyone. It is designed specifically control frizz. In addition, it nourishes hydrates, softens, moisturizes, promotes and protects hair shine. The conditioner is very friendly to the skin as it is free from harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfate, alcohol, and salts. It can be trusted to give you relaxed, manageable, soft and healthy hair because it is rich in fatty acids, essential hair vitamins and antioxidants.

Alba Botanica Advanced, Leave in Conditioner

Alba Botanica conditioner is rich in coconut oils, plant proteins and antioxidants with tremendous abilities to treat damaged hair by improving the suppleness and shine without adding extra weight to the hair. This has been proven over time since 1979.

Because of its natural 100% vegetarian ingredients, Alba Botanica has been proven to have no harsh reactions to the skin like other inorganic hair care products. It contains no phthalates or synthetic fragrance or perfumes. Simply put, this product is human and environment friendly.


My Amazing Secret: Blow Dry Leave in Secret Spray Conditioner

It restores dry and damaged hair depleted from its natural moisture. This spray  repairs damaged hair by restoring the luster and shine that may have been lost due to harsh environmental conditions, heat from flat iron, curl iron and blow dry, chemical processes on the hair and damage caused due to chronological age. It draws moisture from the environment giving it water of hydration that is essential to prevent breaking of dry and brittle hair.

The conditioner contains essential elements like panthenol, keratin, vitamins E and amino acids which are very important for healthy hair.


The Root African Sheer Butter Hair Oil Moisturizer and Leave in Conditioner

This product is ideal for natural hair styles, dry hair, tight hair curls and frizzy hair. It reduces breakages by fortifying and strengthening the hair. This product has essential vitamins and hair proteins that will condition your hair to its optimal state. It gives immediate result by moisturizing and softening the hair making it very easy to style. This is your ultimate solution if you are looking to add vitamins, proteins and moisture to your hair.

Suave Professional Light Leave in Cream

Suave has been fantastic and has a wide range of quality products. This leave in cream is infused with ginger, awupuhi and honeysuckle, important nutrients for hair care and health. It makes the hair twice as strong therefore reducing breakages tremendously.The cream makes the hair fuller because of its ability to add volume to hair making it easy to style. It has a nice fragrance that is very pleasant to anyone.

The cream is easy to use because one only needs 2-4 pumps in the palms, and you can apply it right from the roots to the tips. Comb your hair for even and regular distribution then style your hair as usual.

Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave in Conditioner

Jane carter is an ideal conditioner for detangling. It protects the hair from heat produced during styling and thermal heat from the sun. The conditioner restores hydration to hair that is dry and brittle. It is fantastic for flat ironing and roller setting specifically for very fine hair. Finally, it gives tremendous results when used in the morning and evening, probably a must have for every bathroom.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave in Cream

Neutrogena has the ability to filter UV rays that cause damage to hair. The cream is non- greasy and contains no alcohol. The product easily melts into the strands of the hair making it smooth and doing away with the frizz. It spreads evenly and is quickly absorbed by the hair. There are three major components are very helpful to the hairi this product. Olive penetrates the hair follicle, meadow foam seed moisturizes and almond wraps the surface.

Kenra Daily Provision Leave in Conditioner

This is a conditioner with endless possibilities. It conditions the hair by hydrating, detangling, and adding shine. The product protects the hair from harmful UV rays and thermal heat. It prevents hair breakages, split ends, frizz and humidity. Further, it prevents the hair from being static and falling away. It is good to go with every type of hair and does not add weight to it. The conditioner is used on damp hair, before, during and after styling.

Pure Brazilian Leave in Conditioner with Keratin

The product has keratin protein which absorbs and seals water of hydration keeping the hair moisturized. The hydration helps prevent split ends, and repairs damaged hair. It seals out humidity therefore controlling frizz leaving hair luscious and silky. Being sodium free, improves elasticity and manageability of hair. It has rose water, Bombyx silk, Quarts and crushed pink sea pearls that pampers the hair with hydration.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave in Conditioning Spray

This is a daily use hair conditioning spray for strong hair that is resistant to breakages. It has a fortifying effect and instantly detangles the hair, nourishing the hair with essential vitamins and nutrients. The conditioner protects the hair from damage caused by heat because it has a mixture of vitamins A, E C and green tea. It has wheat proteins and glycerin that repairs and restores hair. The result is smooth hair, with improved strength, silk and shines.

Renpure Coconut Water Mist Leave in Treatment with Sprayer

Coconut has been a vital hair product for decades now. Renpure coconut water mist leave in treatment has coconut as its major ingredient. It is absorbed deeply into the hair cuticles to restore moisture and seal important minerals and nutrients in the hair. The conditioner is free from harmful chemical products and works so well on all types of hair. It shields the hair from heat and chemical treatment, hydrating it, leaving your hair healthy with a lasting shiny impression.

Amir Argan Oil- Leave in Treatment

This leave in treatment has Acai Berry infused in it. It has the effect of speeding up blow-drying times. The acai berry absorbs into the hair without adding excess weight.This treatment hydrates the hair and scalp reducing hair breakages for dry and brittle hair. It adds vibrancy and potency to colored hair. In addition it detangles hair, wigs and extensions. It revives hair that has been damaged by chemical processes and environmental factors. Lastly, it is rich in antioxidants which are important for hair health.

Opulent care Leave in Cream

Opulent care has keratin, jojoba oil and Argan oil which play the role of moisturizing and moisture retention. It is one of the most hydrating cream for damaged hair because of its hydrolyzed silk protein. With one application, you can be sure to kiss goodbye to dry damaged and tangled hair. The cream improves the softness and silkiness. It is used for heat protection before blow drying, straightening or styling. Finally, it is also skin and environmental friendly because it contains no harmful chemicals and is purely organic.

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Coconut Oil Hair Mask

No doubt coconut is an important hair care product. First Botany Cosmeceuticals has a sweet aroma and easily melts into the strands of the hair softening and moisturizing it therefore detangling it and giving it the needed elasticity. This product prevents future damage caused by adverse environmental conditions. It works superb for hair damaged by the sun and other chemicals in hair care products. First Botany conditioner hydrates and revives dry hair improving its elasticity because of its rich nutrients content. It delivers instant shine to the hair helping it remains moist.

It has vitamins E and B5 which helps restore softness and suppleness and stop frizz. This product is used as a leave in or rinse out conditioner. It should be applied after cleansing and should be given time for the vitamins to be absorbed. Most notably, it is very helpful for thinning hair.


Damaged hair should never be a problem to cause panic any more. The market offers very many quality products for this. Many conditioners have almost a similar way of application,  read the directions for application on the product before use.

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