remedies for split ends
remedies for split ends


There is no shortcut or magic to end split ends. If one does not take precaution they can end up with hair that is stagnating just because the split ends are not taken care of. One of the best  remedies for split ends is to dealing with them is by cutting them off! There are many other ways of preventing split ends from recurring to give your hair a soft healthy look.


Every woman in the world would love to have long beautiful hair that is not stagnating, rather growing every time they compare the current length with the previous one. However, many people are faced with the challenge of split ends, which can be defined as the splitting of hair shaft caused by mechanical stress or excess heat. Split ends causes hair not to grow and makes it weak. There are three types of split ends and they differ in length, shape and size.


Basically there are three types of split ends. They include; The Basic Split, The Mini and Fork In the Road. Each of the types of split ends differs from each other and they have their own story to tell. Research shows that women spend 1.5 years making their own hair with unique hair products and it also includes washing, brushing, blow drying, flat ironing or using hot comb to get desired curls and coloring or dying it. All this weaken hair exposing it to weathering and finally damaging it. This is the major origin of split ends. “From a scientist’s perspective, there are an infinite number of combinations of split ends,” explains Eric Spengler, SVP of Research & Development at Living Proof.

  • The basic split

Basic splits are the most common type of split ends and are a good example of early split ends development. Normally large sections of the hair begin to separate but the cortical cells are still held together. This is according to Spengler explanation.

When you notice your hair is beginning to have this type of split ends it basically implies that your hair needs more nourishment. Do not worry, it is never too late. There are various treatments that can help to heal and seal the ends.

  • The Mini Split

This is also a common type of split end and also a good example of an early split development to your hair. When you notice you have this kind of split ends it simply means your ends are thirsty for nourishment but are not beyond repair yet.  They can be sealed and healed before the hair is badly damaged.

  • Fork in the road split

Fork in the road split ends are less common and they indicate more damage to your hair fibers. It simply shows a lot more significant splitting and a widespread damage to your hair. This can be taken care of by the use of a deep conditioning mask treatment as well as trimming several times in the course of the year to completely get rid of them and help your hair grow to look healthy.


What really causes split ends? Split ends can be caused by several factors, including but not limited to the following; thermal, mechanical or chemical stress. This is one of the major factors that causes split ends. The mother of them all! Using curling irons and other treatments that emit heat like blow driers, flat iron; hair drier causes the hair to thin out hence split at the ends.

We all love coloured hair and how it looks but again these hair products also contribute to causing split ends. Excessive application of products like hair colouring and perm, strip the protective layer of the hair shaft therefore weakening it and exposing your hair to split ends.

Mechanical stress is also considered a major factor for causing split ends to hair.  This includes pulling your hair forcefully when combing especially when the hair is wet or tangled. Doing this repeatedly weakens the hair making it weak and prone to split ends. Split ends can also be seen as a symptom of copper transport disorder like occipital syndrome and menkes diseases. However, note that rubbing hair up towards the scalp does not in any way bring about split ends. What exactly causes split ends?

Perming, Curling or Straightening Hair

Perming, curling or straightening hair all involves using an electric machine or appliances that emits heat. This can be achieved mainly by heating your hair to attain the desired shape, look and curls that one prefers. However, the whole process ends up sucking the only natural moisture from the hair follicles leaving your hair brittle and dry. Sadly, this in the end causes split ends.


Re-bonding is a process where your hair is exposed to different chemicals for a longer period of time, minimum being three hours! You can imagine the damage this process can do to your hair making it weak and vulnerable. The chemical used overloads the hair making is weak hence causing split ends.


Blow drying

I personally love blow drying my hair, short term or long term depending on what I want to do with it, or when I will plait it. But this is not a healthy practice.  The hot air that comes from the blow drier sucks out all the natural moistures in your hair making it dry, causing split ends.

Hair colouring and Highlights

We all love hair colouring and having coloured hair once in a while removes the boredom of the usual hair style and color. What we forget is that the colour used on hair is made up of chemicals which wreck havoc with the natural texture and hair composition. Colouring your hair frequently with poor quality of colour and highlights can cause split ends.

Excessive use of strong shampoos

Shampoo is supposed to be used on your scalp and not hair! This is one mistake many people make because of lack of knowledge or reading instructions. Using the wrong type of shampoo makes your rough causing split ends. It is advisable to use mild shampoos that are meant for your hair type. Any shampoo on your hair can end up making your hair brittle hence causing split ends.

Combing or brushing wet hair

Many hair dressers whom we expect to be professional always comb wet hair especially after during treatment or after conditioning. Hair is not supposed to be combed when wet. It is supposed to be combed when dry in a gentle way because vigorous combing especially when wet is the most common reason for hair split ends.


Believe you me some split ends are just a genetic problem, known as Trichorrhexis nodosa, which is a condition that causes defects in the hair shaft. This basically means the hair is thick and thin at different places, giving it uneven texture which is easy to break, causing split ends.

remedies for split ends

Shampoo Application

One of the simplest remedies for split ends s is in the shampoo application. Adequate amount ensures natural healthy oils are retained thus preventing  damages. This can however be achieved if your hair is not washed more than three times a week. During washing, give more attention to the scalp and the hair nearest to it as shampoo is made for the scalp. The rest of the hair should be left down as the shampoo from the scalp will run down giving it enough washing. It is advisable to rinse your hair with warm or cool water as hot water tends to strip away the protective oils in your hair. This process should minimize and later stop hair splitting but in case there is splitting, try using a milder shampoo and one should avoid shampoo that has paraben or sulphate because it weakens hair.

Use conditioners

Conditioners are meant to make the hair soft and silky looking shiny and beautiful. Apply conditioner along your hair length from scalp to tip after washing with shampoo and let it soak for a few minutes, a minimum of three minutes before rinsing it out. This is considered to be one of the remedies for split ends as it acts as a deterrent.

Dry hair gently

Hair is supposed to be dried naturally but most of the time everyone is in a hurry so they end up rubbing it vigorously. Gentle drying is one of the remedies for split ends .  One is supposed to let it drip then squeeze to remove the excess hair after which you can let it dry naturally. If you are in such a hurry you can use a blow dryer to blow cool hair. This is done by holding it a few inches away from your hair to minimize damages. You can also alternatively use a cotton cloth to wrap your hair. This way it will absorb the wetness without pulling.

Regular deep conditioner

Once or twice a month you can try deep conditioning. This basically entails applying leave-in conditioner or oil on your hair and let your hair absorb it for a while. Oils like coconut or jojoba gives fantastic results. All you need to do is wet your hair, put some oil or conditioner on your palm and rub it through your hair. Let it relax for about 5 to 10 minutes then rinse it out with cold water.

Use a gentle brush or comb

Many people do not pay attention to the type of hair brush or comb they buy and use in their hair. Some find what they use a bit uncomfortable because it pulls the hair, while others are keen on what type of brush or comb they use. You are advised to use a comb or brush that will help you untangle hair not pulling it. People with thick hair should use a wide-toothed comb, preferably wooden. Those with thin hair can use narrow- toothed comb that has natural flexible bristles.

Comb or brush gently

Another practice that is considered as one of remedies for split ends is gentle brushing. Pay attention to how you brush your hair. Combing at the tips will not remove any tangles. One is supposed to comb from bottom to top. Untangle any hair with your fingers gently before you continue. Combing your hair from front to back pulls the scalp and scales making it weak and easy to break. Once the brush runs through your hair smoothly, consider it done, as unnecessary brushing weakens it. Unless you have very thick hair that is also curly then avoid at all cost brushing wet hair! Curley hair can be combed when wet.


Split ends can be a nuisance if not taken care of early enough. However, there are steps to follow on how one can get rid of them. First of all you need to check for damaged hair keenly by examining it using a mirror. Ensure you also have enough lighting because most split ends are at the tip of the hair but can also be anywhere. They are normally visible as:

  • Two or more strands splitting at the hair tip.
  • A small hole in the middle of the hair (though you have to be extra keen to see this one).
  • Small white dots at hair tips.
  • For curly or dry hair they appear as single strands or notes.
Trimming hair

is also another method of removing split ends. You can do this yourself. Use a small pair of scissors or hair shears. Cut strands of about 6mm above the split ends. The split ends may reappear if you cut it too close. Some split ends tend to form a small tangle slightly above the damage. Just make sure you cut above it. For thick hair and badly damaged hair, it can take a long time to cut them. .

Having a regular hair cut

The best of all remedies for split ends is a hair cut. This can be done on regular basis by a professional hair dresser. It might take a shorter or longer time having the hair cut, depending on your hair type and texture. If you want to have long hair then avoiding the hairdresser will not save you because neglected split ends will eventually become weaker and start breaking off.

A step in saving hair length can be done by cutting your hair into layers if you have a goal of achieving a certain length of hair at a specific time or period. Your hairdresser can only trim the damaged hair and leave the healthy hair and this way your goals of achieving a certain length will be met.

There are several hair products that claim to “heal” split ends. One should be cautious on what hair products they are using or exposing to their hair to. Treating hair repair products with caution is important. Most of the repair products only hide the split ends and leave the damage which will be seen after a period of time. These are temporary remedies for split ends .




It is believed that materials made of satin do not absorb oil, therefore advised to use satin pillowcases with your hair in braid or held up in bun, can protect hair from getting split ends because the bun style will prevent hair to tangle and break.

Having a balanced diet is also important in protecting your hair from getting split ends. A good amount of proteins and vitamins, specifically vitamin E, which is found in foods like avocado, some fish and greens, vegetable oil, is recommended as it produces the healthiest hair. Also it is recommended to include healthy fats like omega-3 makes hair shiny and is one of the remedies for split ends .

The most important of all is using the right products on your hair and oiling it. This will protect it from drying up and nutrients rich oil like castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, just to mention a few lubricates the hair shaft hence preventing it from splitting. Oiling two to three times a week overnight and washing in the morning will make it even softer and give it the best texture. However one is advised to be keen enough not to apply oil that has kerosene and paraffin as this will cause your hair to dry up completely. Avoid applying the oil near to your scalp as this will cause dandruff build up and will end up damaging the hair roots.

We all love beautiful hair accessories. However tight or elastic bands that have a metal ends up damaging the hair because it pulls it from the roots. Unfortunately almost everyone uses these types of hair bands because they come in all sort of shapes, size and colors. Ribbons should be used instead because they are more gentle and friendly to the hair and they do not pull hair roots.

Use of hair mask once in a while is a good way of keeping your hair moisturized. Having a hair mask once a week is good enough to prevent it from getting too dry hence preventing growth of split ends. Hair mask can be made by mixing honey, conditioner and olive oil.

Protecting your hair from use of dye and bleach will reduce chances of your hair wearing out. These products should be avoided at all costs and if it is a must use them once in a while. Also if your hair is the delicate type, avoid using hard water. Consider softening it because hard water contains calcium carbonate in high quantities which is harsh for hair.


Remedies for split ends are easy .Pay attention to your hair and the hair products you expose your hair to. We all want long beautiful hair free of split ends so how about we manage those split ends!








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