Best hair mousse

What is it?

Hair mousse which is also referred to as styling foam. The best hair mousse is  defined as a  styling product made to give it extra shine and volume. It works by providing both conditioning and uses synthetic resins to coat your hair. It does not weigh your hair down because it is lighter than most  gels and pomades. The best hair mousse products can be used by both men and women who need hair volumnizing boost. It is also suitable for perm or curly hair because it helps in reducing  frizz. There are different types of mousse made for different types, curly or straight, thick or thin, dry or coarse as well as color-treated.

Ingredients of mousse

Mousse contains

  • water- which is used to mix all the other ingredients .
  •  alcohol  to break foam and dissolve ingredients that have been added to the water in it.
  • Polymer also known as resin – most important ingredient and most effective because it acts as a conditioner. They form a film in form of molecules which makes hair have a good and tight grip of water on  strands. This therefore allows you to blow dry your hair and retain the mousse at the same time leaving your hair looking stiff.
  •  cationic resin- which is mixed with another ingredient to give that firm look.
  •   emulsifier which is blended to give it foam.
  •  silicones, dyes, vitamins and sunscreen that also help in mousse preparation and they also perform different functions like providing additional component.

Most of brands in the market contain alcohol which is suitable for almost all hair types with the exception of it is dry .Dry hair requires a mousse that has natural vitamins and conditioners because alcohol is not recommended .

Gray hair requires a color hair mousse which is used to style and cover the greys.  For hair that  is  fading in color, then a semi –permanent color  mousse will be best for you because it will give your hair toning.


Got2b Fat-tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse

This product is used specifically for thin lifeless hair, to give it “life” by pushing it up. This is infused with an instant collagen too. It makes the hair stronger and gives it a denser look by making it feel thick. The mousse  infuses it with elasticity, if you are suffering from thin hair and you want a different look, then this  mousse is made for you.

Kenra Extra Volume

Kenra Extra Volume  mousse is believed to give your hair extra fullness with great body and shiny look. The product is  alcohol free, making it suitable for people with dry hair. It has a high humidity resistance and also provides thermal defense up to 428F. Further, it is gives a 60 hour hold, which is just long enough for someone who travels a lot and does not have enough time to attend to their hair to use this product.

Curl Cream Gel by Royal Locks

Curl Cream Gel by Royal Locks is known to give your hair the perfect curls and waves. It is a multiple benefit product, defines your curls giving it a bouncy look, which is a wonder to many; it has a nice scent and is also sulphate free.

For the lovers of gel, creams and leave in conditioner, this is the perfect product for you because it gives your hair that curly look you always desire. It is made to work from waves to curls, whether your hair is thick or thin in texture, colored or grey or just natural . It is made with some of the top best ingredients suitable to give it the best look.

Moroccan Oil Volumnizing Hair Mousse


Moroccan Oil Volumnizing Hair mousse is a styling volumnizing mousse that gives your hair a flexible hold by providing it with a body. It can also create natural styles with movement and lift.


 Kerastase Resistance Volume active Mousse

This product gives your hair a finer look and a lasting volume. The mousse is also easily absorbed in and it also has an anti-static effect, giving it that fly –away look that many people always want their hair to have it.

Shiny Silver Ultra Mousse

In case yours is rough in texture, then try using the Shiny Silver Ultra Mousse will make your hair very easy to comb, leaving it manageable and flexible. It is also believed to eliminate the yellow and brassiness that is found in people with mostly grey and white hair. It also revitalizes bleached, frosted and blonde- tinted  giving it a different look.

TRESemmé Touchable Bounce Mousse

This type of mousse is unique in that it can  blow dry it because it is believed to be a good companion that amplifies your style.  As much as it builds up your hair body, your hair will still be able to move. It is also a light weight mousse which can be suitable for people who have thick hair because no more weight will be added to your hair.

To achieve the best results, TRESemmé Touchable Bounce Mousse can be used together with a shampoo and pre-wash conditioner which will lock your hair giving it a beautiful look. You can then add some finish hair spray to give it a different and unique look.

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Hair Mousse

For the lovers of herbal products, this is perfect for you! Herbal Essence mousse is rich and controls your hair like gel! It removes any loose waves and any frizz, leaving it soft and not sticky because of its light weight nature. It also has a nice splash fragrance that leaves you with a fresh smell through the day! To get the best results out of this mousse, after application, use some finishing creamor Tousle Me Softly hair spray! You will love the end product!

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

This product is best for those who love curly hair because it gives your hair perfect tight curls that have a natural texture. It can also be achieved to give a simple “wash and wear” styles. The mousse is infused with olive oil and vitamin B complex that is known to be vital for hair growth. This nourishes and gives it that extra shine and added moisture we all love.

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Shapely Curl Mousse 

This product gives your hair curls and waves that are free of frizz with a touch of extra shine and natural look. It also holds it higher and gives it a flexible lift because it separates it with a light natural finish.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Building Mousse

This is a light weight hair mousse that contains specialized polymers used for styling , giving it the best volume.  This creates a body to your hair giving it a thick look. The product contains a protein called panthelon which helps in strengthening and straightening hair so if you have thin weak hair, this product would work best for you. It is also capable of resisting humidity for a longer period of time.


We all love how our hair looks when we apply hair mousse on it. Choose the best hair mousse that works best for you. It combs out easily and can be applied to wet hair, allowed to air dry.  Usually it leaves your hair with a “wet” look as much as it is not wet.  However many people opt to use a blow dryer  after application of mousse because it gives it extra volume and a fantastic look. It can also help in maintain your style on a daily basis.

First of all you need to identify your hair type.  Different people have different types  and they come in different texture, color and thickness. It can also be thick or thin, wavy or with curls, straight, dry, oily name it. . Identify your type and get the product to make it easy for you to style your hair. You should however take note of the following:

  • The best hair mousse for those who have thin type is one that gives it that extra volume and lift when applied from the roots.
  • Have a bath first before applying mousse for oily type of hair. They also need to let the shampoo ‘soak’ their hair before rinsing it to get rid of the excess oil and get the best results after mousse application.
  • use a relaxing balm thick curly hair to soften it and get rid of frizz.
  • For fine hair,  a conditioning mousse is the best hair mousse to give extra hold.

Mousse options

Secondly you need to know what hair mousse options you have.  Know what options you have gives an added advantage in identifying the best hair mousse . They are different and you need to be keen to note the difference. For instance:

  •  hair mousse gel gives a much better hold, one that traditional hair gel gives. However it does not make your hair heavy.
  • Conditioning hair mousse is the best for repairing and styling dry and damaged hair
  • Thermal care hair mousse  is is the best hair mousse to apply while using a blow dryer or curling irons.
  • Use Hair mousse that gives hair extra hold  made specifically for unruly hair used on windy days

DIY Mousse?

You can also opt to make your own  mousse. Break two eggs and separating egg white and yolk in two different bowls. Whisk the egg white until you achieve a fluffy look or texture. Rub it in your hair as you style it then let it dry.  Wash out easily if you do not like the idea of having raw eggs in your head.

How to use Mousse on Hair.

Add volume to your long hair by wetting and leaving it damp to the roots. Apply the best hair mousse from the roots using your fingers. In case you are in a hurry, just flip your head and apply mousse to your hair as it hangs but if you got time then section your hair in to four quarters and apply hair mousse evenly. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair to distribute the mousse further.

Use a blow dryer paying attention to the roots after application, because as mousse dries up it tends to make your hair stiff. This will make it stronger and lift it up giving it a full appearance. You can also opt to air dry but it will not give it a full body. However it will have a smooth feel and will look shinier. Finally you can style it the way you want!

For individuals with short hair they can opt to wet their it or not. In the event you choose to wet your hair, then let the water get to the roots and pat it dry using a towel to absorb any excess water. Hold the mousse can upright and dispense some into your palm. The amount of mousse dispensed will depend with the length and thickness of your hair.

Once applied on your hair, use your hands to ‘brush’ it up from front to back giving attention to your hair roots. Your hair should have a uniform feeling of wetness with the mousse. You can then dry your hair by using a blow dryer or air dry it then style as desired. You can run your fingers through your hair to make it look taller!


Hair mousse is  be the best styling  product that is easy to manage at home whether you have long or short hair. To maintain a style throughout the day or change it  many times , add a little water and change the style. Ask your stylist to add the best hair mousse for the best results.


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