Hair that has volume is the epitome of feminine beauty. It looks healthy, gives you a vibrant appearance, and makes you look like your hair could use a pick-me-up. Here are some of the best volumnizing shampoo choices, whether your hair is thin and straight, wavy and wispy, tight coiled or anywhere in between. These are some of the best top 10 hair volumnizing shampoos based on user reviews, price, and first-hand experience using the product.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume touchable Full Shampoo

This is considered one of the best volumnizing shampoos from John Frieda.  It helps to make the hair thicker, which definitely comes in handy when you notice that your hair is thinning. The product is gentle enough to be used every day and the volume polymer in the shampoo helps to fill in the space between hair strands. Luxurious Volume touchably Full Shampoo is especially ideal for hair that has been colour-treated as well. However, please be aware that there are clarifying agents in this shampoo – if used too often; you can strip your hair of essential oils, and colour! So, if you do use this shampoo, make sure to spread your washing days apart.

Matrix Volume Atherapie Full Lift Volumnizing Shampoo

Due to its natural ingredients like wheat and soy proteins, this shampoo gives lift and volume to the hair. These ingredients also soften the hair strands for a healthier hair that is easy to style. If you are a person who is in to hairstyles like full ponytails and side-swept bands with waves, this shampoo will likely work well for you. You will love the fresh feeling you will get on your scalp after a wash.  Also you will have no problem using this product each day, even after colouring. Some users did report having an itchy scalp. However, those reports were far and few between.

Neutrogena Clean Volume Body Enhancing Shampoo

We all know that Neutrogena dominates the industry, mostly because they have great products without breaking the bank. They are not the cheapest, but they are affordable.  This gentle shampoo rinses clean and adds volume to the hair without build-up. While some users said the clarifying agents were too strong for them, other users claim that it gave their hair the volume they wanted and left their hair feeling stripped of that entire gunk. Most of users have praised this shampoo emphasising that this product gave them the volume they wanted and an incredible shine! So, if you are looking for a little volume and a little shine – then this product would be great for you! The Neutrogena Clean Volume Body Enhancing Shampoo, (Pack of 2) leaves hair with a clean scent. This is a great choice if you have a sensitive scalp.



A 10 Miracle Volumnizing Shampoo

What makes this shampoo different from most in the market is that it is free from sulphates and also gives the hair a light feel, while adding moisture and volume, making it one of the best Volumnizing shampoos. The product also offers a deep cleaning effect and provides the hair with body and bounce while protecting colour. Even users who said they did not like the product overall, said that it left their scalp and hair feeling clean and clear of residue build-up. The Miracle 10 shampoo does not require you to use a lot. One pump will usually take care of a full head of hair. This shampoo gives you the volume of hair you need and leaves your entire head feeling invigorated! This shampoo is great for both men and women.

Clear scalp & hair beauty Volumnizing root boost nourishing shampoo

Despite having the longest name ever, this shampoo contains natural ingredients like sunflower and almond oils which helps to make the hair soft and mouldable for voluminous up-dos and has been clinically tested and results prove that it restore the natural moisture balance of the scalp. The nourishing ingredients in the shampoo give the hair volume from the root that lasts all day. Perhaps the most attractive component of this shampoo is the price! Now, let us be honest. This is not going to give you the same results as some of the more expensive products on this list. However, if you are looking for a shampoo to give you some volume and a nice clean, then this will work just fine.

Redken Body Full Shampoo

Body Full Shampoo from Redken effectively removes product from the hair to prevent build up and itchy scalp. The conditioning system and volume complex in the shampoo makes tresses appear fuller while prevent fizziness. Washing with this shampoo often will make strands full and soft to the touch. To get the full effect of Redken, it is highly advised that you use their conditioner as well. Many users have reported that when used together, their hair had more volume than ever before. This is not a cheap product. But if you are serious about getting some volume in your hair then try the shampoo and conditioner combo.

Pantene Pro-V Volume Shampoo

Using this Pantene volumnizing shampoo will promote body and thickness to the hair for   24 hours. The collagen and vitamins in the shampoo give the hair shape and make it appear thicker and healthier. This product offers a gentle clean to take build up away from the hair and scalp for 24 hours. Your hair will look great, but after the time has lapsed, you will need another wash. Luckily, this product is very cheap! You get almost 34 ounces for less than $10.This is one of the reasons people love this shampoo. You can wash each day. You will get great volume, and you will not break the bank doing it! Sounds good!

Renpure Organis Volumnizing Shampoo

Organic lovers! This one is for you! This organic shampoo from Renpure contains products like ginger which keeps the hair from getting dry. The soy protein in the shampoo makes the hair stronger as well, and the plant extracts give the hair a pleasant scent. The reviews speak for themselves. With the high majority of users rating this product 4-5 out of 5 stars, it is correct to say that people love this product. It is especially popular with people who have curly hair. Apparently, it also decreases frizz while enhancing volume. It is not sure if this was intended by the manufactures, but we will take it! Renpure is also very affordable. You can get a 13 ounces bottle for $9 or less. While you should not judge a shampoo by the bottle, it does not hurt that it comes in a really cute bottle!

TIGI catwalk Your Highness Volume Tween Volumnizing Shampoo

The Your Highness shampoo from TIGI moisturizes the hair and is free of sulphates. The shampoo makes the hair soft and gives your hair a very full appearance. The shampoo is also sold with conditioner to lock in softness and eliminate frizz. It is important to note that, like Redken, this product is best used with a conditioner. Users have reported phenomenal volume, even after trying dozens of other products. Almost 90% of users rate this product 4- 5 out of 5 stars! This product is also popular among stylists who enjoy having that salon quality in their own home. It does exactly what it promises to do – give your hair volume and leave it feeling fresh and clean. It is a little pricier, but keep in mind that you are getting both the shampoo and the conditioner.

Volume shampoo and conditioner by Tony Guy

 For an affordable Volumnizing shampoo and conditioner, Toni & Guy offer lift and thickness to thin hair. The shampoo is clear and smooth with a thin gel-like consistency while the conditioner is much thicker. Its lather is very thin though with no visible bubbles. You will feel great and extremely clean after rinsing your hair. For someone who blow-dries their hair every day, I would recommend a stronger a conditioner. However, thin gains volume after using this shampoo. You can only buy this product if you want to add volume to your hair.

Muroto Volume Amplifying Range by Shu Uemura

The shampoos’ Volumnizing benefits exceed its luxurious experience that is why it is recommended. This shampoo and conditioner has a masculine aroma. The conditioner is a gel which gives your hair a softer feeling post blow-dry. After styling, the hair feels more silky and glossy.

Pure Abundance Range by Aveda

The shampoo is commonly used as Volumnizing and not for weighing down fine hair.
The first thing you notice about the product is its smell, which is a gorgeous fresh herbaceous and minty scent that will get you hooked from the first whiff. The shampoo is light and foamy and easy to apply. One complaint from many users is that it left their hair knotted; however the conditioner soon rectified this. The conditioner is clay-based and offers a luxurious feel to daily conditioning. Once styled, your hair becomes shiny and gives a new fullness to it. The shampoo makes roots to appear as if they had been back-combed. What most users liked most about this shampoo was that it does not leave that familiar stickiness that many volumisers do. In fact, it makes the hair have this renewed shine and   smooth.


Choosing the best shampoo for your hair is vital. Below are some of the tips and things to consider as you shop around for the best shampoo for your hair.

Decide What You Want From Your Shampoo

Well, you should know what qualities you want your shampoo to have! Do you want a shampoo that moisturizes? A shampoo that maintains colour treated hair? One that repairs damaged hair? You may only be interested in a dry shampoo. Perhaps, a Volumnizing or thickening shampoo is what you want? Figure out what you want from your shampoo first.

Determine What Irritations You Have

In regards to shampoo, irritation occurs most often in the scalp, skin, or eyes.

  • Scalp

It is possible to “over-shampoo” your hair, especially when using a clarifying product. Shampoos that clarify often lead to an irritated or itching scalp because of the harsh ingredients they use to “degrease” the hair.

  • Skin

As more and more products start including natural ingredients, you will need to pay attention to possible allergic reactions. Nut and seed oils are often used in shampoo and while for most people they provide more natural moisturizing, for others, it is an allergy nightmare.

  • Eyes

Many shampoos include formaldehyde, which kills bacteria in the hair. Occasionally, however, formaldehyde also leads to irritated and itchy eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, you may want to avoid a shampoo with this ingredient.




Understanding what irritations you have allows you to choose a shampoo with the right ingredients. Some ingredients will help you avoid irritations, while others will only inflame them.

It is almost impossible to find shampoos without some “bad” ingredients. Moreover, some people see “bad” ingredients as “good” and visa-versa. Here are some the ingredients you should avoid and what ingredients you should love. Avoid shampoos with these ingredients.

  • Sulphates

 Not all sulphates are bad, but be on the lookout for ammonium lauryl sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate. These ingredients give shampoo that foamy quality we all love, but can cause the scalp to become red, irritated, and itchy. These same ingredients also act as a degreaser in dish washing soap! Maybe what is best for your dishes is not best for your hair.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

The purpose of isopropyl alcohol is to dissolve oil from the hair. If over used, shampoo with this ingredient can cause the hair to try and reduce your hair’s level of moisture. If you are using a shampoo with this ingredient consider your frequency of use and adding a shampoo that moisturizes to your weekly routine. Isopropyl alcohol is derived from petroleum, so that is not awesome. It is also found in antifreeze. If used for long periods, it does have the potential for hair loss nobody got time for hair loss!

  • Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde does kill bacteria which is good. However, because of its strength, it can irritate the eyes. In more severe cases, prolonged use of shampoos with formaldehyde can lead to problems with your respiratory system and/or cause skin inflammation.

  • Propylene Glycol

You will find propylene glycol in a lot of shampoos. That is because it helps the cleaning ingredients penetrate your hair. We want those cleaning ingredients to do their job, but it comes with a cost. The controversial component of propylene glycol is that it also breaks down healthy-hair proteins. These proteins act as the building block of your hair and keep it fabulous. There are also reports of this ingredient irritating skin and/or eyes.

The good ingredients in a shampoo

You may need to be keen enough to look out for the below ingredients which are good for the hair.

  • Better Sulphates

These are the good sulphates! These sulphates would never sabotage a child’s christening or throw a table. Keep an eye out for; sodium laureth sulphate, TEA lauryl and laureth sulphates. These ingredients vibe better with your hair and do not normally cause irritations, redness, etc.

  • Glycerine

Glycerine acts as a protective barrier to your hair follicles. This barrier protects the hair from daily damage and perhaps even more important, helps retain moisture.

  • Nut and Seed Oils

It may be a trend, or there actually may be something to it, but natural ingredients are becoming very popular in shampoo. We have even seen shampoo with fish eggs in them! While that seems a little “fishy” to us, natural oils are proving themselves in the shampoo world.

Jojoba, Shea, and avocado, remove the oils that build up in your hair. They also aid in creating an incredible shine and add lots of moisture! Most organic conditioners contain essential or natural oils.

  • Acidic Ingredients

Acidic ingredients add shine to your hair while making it smooth and ultra-touchable. Specifically, sodium citrate/citric acid, works to maintain the pH balance of your hair. This causes your cuticles to lie flat, adding to your hair’s shine and smoothness.

  • Panthenol

Think of panthenol as a vitamin. Panthenol is a form of vitamin B that helps your hair retain moisture and adds a luscious shine. More notably, the vitamin B thickens hair follicles giving you that voluptuous look.


All most all shampoos have some ingredients to enhance volume, but these Volumnizing shampoos are great for giving you that “fresh-from-the-salon look.” Many of these products have the natural ingredients that will improve the health of the hair without the use of harsh chemicals. There isn’t one shampoo that works for everyone! It is our suggestion that you experiment and try new products to see what works for you and your hair. If you are having trouble finding out what shampoo is best for you.

Choose your shampoo! You know what you want your shampoo to do. You know what ingredients to avoid and what ingredients to love. Now, all you have to do is decide which shampoo is best for your hair!


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