What is a Diffuser?

A diffuser is simply an attachment that is fit at the end of your hair dryer. Its main purpose is to diffuse air as it comes out of the dryer so that the heat does not blast and damage your hair. It gently spreads the heat through your hair and is majorly used to style your curly or wavy hair without interfering with their natural shape. There is a specific procedure to follow if you want to use a diffuser in the proper manner.The Top 10 Best Curly hair diffusers are easily available in the market as discussed below.

There are very many causes of damage to hair. Over the years, it has

been established that heat can cause damage to your hair. Be it heat from the sun or hair care processes, the damage is not always pleasing.  There are hair care products that can minimize the damage as they form a protective covering on your hair strands keeping the harmful UV rays from the sun at bay. Other hair care products have been made available to help protect the hair from heat produced during blow drying, flat ironing and curl ironing. How about a diffuser? This unique equipment’s ability to protect your hair from heat blasting and damage during these processes is amazing.


There are different ways to use the diffuser depending on your hair type and the desired results. Before we learn about top 10 best curly hair diffusers, Let us then take a journey on how to use the equipment on your hair.

Wash and condition your hair

You probably have your preferred hair shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair as you normally do with your favorite shampoo and condition it. However, if your hair is known for frizz, you may want to change the products and use specific ones that help you tame it. Do not use soap agents but natural organic products that leave your hair oily and looking healthy. Remember not to use products with sulfates which easily dry your hair making it frizz and looking dull.

Towel dry the hair

You need to be careful when you are using the towel to dry your hair. Using it to twist and wring it can cause some damage. It is advisable that you only pat the hair gently using a soft towel.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners have been known to give your hair a moist healthy look. After drying your hair, apply this conditioner which will prevent frizz as your hair slowly dries. However, if you have wavy hair, it is advisable to skip this step as the conditioner may decrease your curls and volume by weighing it down. Use form and mousse if you have wavy hair or styling lotion for curly hair.

Use the Diffuser

Once you fit the diffuser on the end of your hair dryer, always ensure that the heat is either low or medium. This low heat levels means that your hair may take longer to dry but you can be sure there will be no frizz during the drying process. As you put the diffuser near the roots of the hair, ensure that your head is tilted to one side. Hold the diffuser there until the roots are dry. Move the diffuser in a regular circular motion as you dry the hair near the scalp. The prongs of the diffuser should be used to massage your hair as they promote volume, waves and curls.

Continue massaging the hair in a regular motion until it is dry all the way to the tips.  As you work your hair down, use the diffuser to push up the curls gently, maintaining the natural shape and bounce of your hair. People with naturally curly hair are of the opinion that their hair dries better when they stop at the roots. If this is so, try letting the ends air dry.

It is advisable to keep your hands off the hair as you diffuse for better results. Touching your hair can cause frizz and make the natural curls and waves lose their shape.

Apply your Hair Care Products

Heat can be harsh on your hair. Once it is dry, consider using some of your favorite hair care product to minimize the damage. Hairsprays have been known to help retain the shape all day and misting the hair with it will go a long way in helping you achieve this. If your hair is too dry, consider pomade or shine serum. Rub some of these products into your hands and work it into your hair gently. Pull your hands through your hair to ensure you reach the tips.

Using the Diffuser to Style your Hair

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes. This helps keep your hair a little softer and moisturized. Ensure you completely rinse out the shampoo and conditioner because diffusing it with them in your hair can cause damage.

After effectively washing your hair, turn your head upside down to start diffusing. To allow natural curls and waves to take shape, gently shape your hair back and forth. This also allows the hair to start drying. Do not rub with towel, rather, blot dry it. Use a wide comb to brush it to remove the tangles.

A mousse or cream will go a long way to enhance your hair’s shape during diffusing. Because heat dries your hair, ensure that whatever product you use has a moisturizing effect. Use mousse, gel or foam before you start diffusing.

Move the diffuser in a circular motion focusing on the roots while your head is upside down. It has been proven that diffusing from behind adds body to your hairstyle.

If you like how your hair looks at this stage, you could stop diffusing, but you could also diffuse from the front if you want more volume. As stated earlier, if you have naturally curly hair, you may want to stop drying at the roots and letting the tips air dry. Keep your hands off your hair to stop interfering with the style.

To add volume to your hair, place some clips near the roots at an angle.  The clips lift the top section of your hair giving it volume as it dries. With the clips in, you can either allow it to dry or continue using the diffuser.

Diffuse the hair until it is 80% dry allowing some of it to dry naturally. This keeps it moisturized and encourages volume.

You can then add some wave preserving cream, hair serum or your preferred hair care product that keeps the style. Remember not to apply to much of the product to avoid the curls being weighed down. Once again, run your fingers all the way to the end of your hair to ensure that the product covers every inch of the hair strands.

Using the Diffuser on Straight Hair

Diffusers on straight hair can work wonders. Make sure your hair is completely wet by either washing and conditioning or running it under the shower. Dry it gently by patting it with a towel to make it damp.

Apply some volumizer and a heat protectant to avoid heat damage. The volumizer should be applied to the roots of your hair. This product comes in different forms. Some are sprayed while others are meant to be massaged into the scalp.

The diffuser is then used to encourage waves. The roots of your hair are lifted upward using your fingers scrunching into the prongs. Do the same process continuously to ensure your hair dries.

After the hair dries, be sure to use some hair care products that help reduce the damage heat can cause. Also add some spray to ensure the styles are well maintained. Do not use too much spray because this can lead to a strong odor and stiff looking hair. Use serum or pomade running your hands from the roots to tips to ensure your hair looks soft and natural.

Having talked about diffusers and how to use them, here are some best diffusers you will find in the market for wonderful results on your hair.

Some of the  top 10 best curly hair diffusers available in the market are as below:
Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser

This diffuser is specifically designed for those who desire curls and waves as it has the ability to enhance and define them. It is the best equipment for texture that is difficult to tame because it produces frizz-free and defined styled hair. It has the ability to target every single strand of hair on your head because of its diversified 360-degree air flow enhanced by its 1.6”-1.8” diameter 3D prongs. Rather than blasting and combating your hair with excessive concentrated heat which may cause damage to your hair, this Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser will help save the hair strands by gently dispersing your hair. The equipment is able to target every angle of your hair strand right from the root to the tip in a unique way.  Using Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser can guarantee you minimal time on styling and very little exposure to heat.  It is recommended for hair that is 80% dry. It embraces your hair texture giving you ultra-noticeable results.

Xtava Collapsible Silicone Hair Diffuser for Blow Dryer

Xtava have done it again with this unique Collapsible Silicone Hair Diffuser, this time targeting blow dryer use. It is unique in that the design allows for folding, making it easy to carry and store. This can be done by simply pressing the diffuser down or pulling the top up. With an elastic silicone texture, the diffuser is able to easily fit and work with a large variety of blow driers. With its every use, there is a greater reduced unwanted side effect from blow drying like hair damage. It brings the best shining impression and reduces frizz adding volume to your hair and encouraging natural texture. This equipment is often the solution for untamable curls or waves that require more definition and minimal frizz giving you bouncy curls. It also comes in a variety of colors, black, pink and blue.

Collapsible Hair Diffuser by the Curly Co.

Curly company have been known for their amazing hair equipment over the years and yet again, they have not disappointed with this unique collapsible hair diffuser that is capable to adapt to almost any model of hair dryer. This salon-quality equipment is well designed to fit in your drawer or handbag because of its ability to collapse into a flat shape. It has a diffuser diameter of 5.25” and blows away frizz at the same time maintaining the natural hair texture. With the use of this equipment, you can rest assured to keep your tresses styled, smooth and springy.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser

This equipment has the potential to lift hair allowing far-infrared heat to penetrate it for quick drying. It gently diffuses air making it able to tame frizz. The Nano Titanium technology has been known for its effectiveness and this particular diffuser fits most dryers.  It enables natural ions to seal the cuticles and maintain curl without frizz. It is perfect to use for curly hair.

Conair Volumizing Diffuser

If you are looking for a diffuser that works well with permed, naturally wavy or even curly hair, Conair Volumizing Diffuser is the answer. It allows the hair to dry gently by lifting it and allowing diffused air to go through it, creating sculpted or molded styles. It has the capability of maintaining curls, waves and hair styles without causing frizz to your hair. The best this is that its compatibility with a wide range of hair dryers makes it unique compared to other ordinary hair diffusers.

DevaCurl DevaFuser

This blow dryer diffuser is specifically engineered for curly, wavy hair. It softens the impact on the curls from the heat that would rather have caused damage to your hair. With its unique patented ergonomic design, it provides a 360 degree air flow to your hair, drying it from the inside out, giving it soft, frizz free curls. Other than just enhancing the natural curl definitions, it also adds volume and lift to all types of curls. It has a One-Piece Adapter that fits almost all types of hair dryers. This product has a very light fiberglass construction making it easy to use and ensured durability and strength.

Hot Sock Diffuser

This diffuser has been famed for its wide range use when it comes to hair care. It is best suited for permed hair, naturally curly or wavy hair, giving it a very healthy look. It eliminates the danger of hair damage that may be caused by excessive heat by giving you an overall regular diffusion. In addition,It works fantastically well for quick-drying roller sets and can be used in salons, during travel and even at home. Its ultra-light weight makes it very easy to carry around in your bag.

Bed Head Curlipops 1875 Watt Diffuser Dryer

You can be guaranteed to sweeten up your hair style with this equipment. Tourmaline and Ionic Technologies have designed equipment that will not blow your style but diffuse it giving you a frizz free hair texture with an impressive shine. It is designed with a 2 heat and speed settings for flexibility of styling and a cold shot button to set your style.

Revlon RV544 Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed Hair Dryer

This equipment is designed to consume little amounts of energy in terms of electricity. It is well equipped to give you the ultimate shine, volume and very healthy looking curls and waves. The diffusser distributes heat evenly and regularly to the hair because of its triple baked ceramic. It is designed with a 2 heat and speed settings for flexibility of styling and a cold shot button to release cool air to lock-in the style.Further, It is made with very light material making it 25% lighter than any other diffuser making it lighter to use and carry around. It is noticeably quiet and effective in drying fast.

Stargoods Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser

It has been known to be the best collapsible travel hair dryer diffuser compared to any other in the market. This makes it easy for travel and storage. Apart from maximizing your hair shine, it adds volume and body to your hair and gives you a unique natural texture and color. The soft silicone material that makes the equipment ensures that your hair is dry with minimal efforts. It works well on both straight and curly hair eliminating frizz. This beauty is easy to clean as one just requires some water and soap. It is universal equipment hence it fits on almost all hair dryers.Last but not least, It also gives you a choice to make when it comes to color as you can choose from pink, black or green.


After reviewing the above top 10 best curly hair diffusers , heat damage should be a problem of the past. You can be guaranteed to use the dryers on your hair with no fear of losing your curls and waves. These top 10 best curly hair diffusers are not only readily available in the market but also very easy to use. Be sure to pick one and add to your hair care equipment collection at home or at the salon. For more information on other hair dryers, some great  reviews have been done on .

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