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Curling wand is defined as a rod-shaped metal used to curl hair when heated to give it curls or waves.  The best hair curling wands are available in the market with every price point.


It is the desire of every woman to look stunning and stand out in a crowd. When you desire ringlets to soft waves, you will be surprised on the availability of top notch tools that can help you get the curls of your dreams or just change your look for a night out. Say good bye to frizzy ends. It is exciting that the latest and the best hair curling wands and devices are kinder to hair as well as easy to use. A good curl is determined by the size of the curling tool’s barrel and how long it hold in place.

There have been many innovations to curling tools that choosing the best hair curling wand today can be overwhelming. The user-friendliness and affordability of curling wands have also made it challenging to select a single tool with fully functional features. Advantages of hair curling wand include;

  • It is easier to use.
  • Does not have clamps or clips that leave unsightly kinks or crease marks on hair.
  •  Produces curls that have volume.
  •  Maintains the hair’s shine.
  • Minimal damage on hair shaft, strands, and roots.

The best hair curling wands can come in various sizes but also in different shapes.


Cone Shape Wands

With narrow upper ends and thick lower ends, cone shape wands have the following features:


  • The rod is smaller end and is capable of delivering precision curls.
  • You can create size variations of curls with it.
  • Fuller and larger curls are created using the rod’s larger end.
  • Because of the cone shape wands versatility, there is less need to buy other hairstyling tools.
  • Steeper sloped cones can produce thicker and smaller curls.
  • Designed for women on the go who have little time to spend curling hair but want professional-looking curls.


The conical shaped hair wand is one of the best hair curling wands provides great versatility right in the palm of your hand. Since their rods have both a thick and small end, you can create curls in that range in size, without having to use another tool. You will notice that some wands have their cone-shaped barrel run at a steeper slope, which means you can get thicker curls as well as smaller curls. Try to imagine the range in size you will want to style your hair into. If you are unsure, by choosing the one with the steeper shape, you will be opting for greater versatility.


The interchangeable and conical shape types confuses those who are specifically looking versatility of use.But remember that the interchangeable barrels may only be best in a professional setting. For women on the go, who need no fussing around: the cone shaped rod is what she needs!


Straight Wands

Uniformed consistency best describes the straight curling wand with the following features:

  • Capable of creating curls that are equal in shape and size like rings.
  • Sophistication and well groomed is the final look.
  • Perfect for individuals who have extremely straight hair since it can give curvature to the hair’s lower part inward or outward.


The straight shaped hair wand is great for those who want equal curls in the form of rings. This type of wand is great for those who seek precision and well-groomed appearance making it feature in the list of the best hair curling wands. It is also great for those who seek to curve the lower part of their hair in-ward or out-wards, (which is usually the case in people with very straight hair)




  • Turn the curling wand on to its lowest heat setting.
  • Grab small sections of your hair as they naturally part and loosely wrap the strand around the wand, from top to bottom (this is hard to mess up), and hold for five to 10 seconds.
  • Continue around your head until you obtain the look you want. Again, each piece will curl differently depending on how long you hold the strand to the wand, how tightly, and where you hair falls on it. Be sure not to heat for longer than 10 seconds or hold it too tightly, both of which can do some serious damage.
  • When finished, flip your head over and with your hands, loosely shake out the curls to release them.
  • Add a dime-sized amount of rose oil (or an oil like jojoba if you have thicker hair) to hydrate the hair. Hairspray if needed.


Women who want curls also want the best curling wand there is and that means a hair curling tool that is reliable, affordable and safe for the hair. Based on the comments and reviews of users worldwide the following are considered some of the best hair curling wands at any price point, not in any chronological order:


Babyliss Limited Edition Perfect Curl


This clever curler is now in a limited edition deep red colour, if that looks better in your boudoir. Clamp a small section of hair and it is automatically wound up inside the device and around a heated barrel. Curl direction can be set or alternated and though it may take a bit of practise, it’s perfect if you like looser waves.


InStyler Tulip Auto Curler


This is another looser-wave system that automatically winds hair around the barrel for you. The Tulip works well on finer hair as the recommended section size for each curl is on the smaller side.


ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand


The go-to brand for luxury haircare wows again, though is the higher price purely for classy presentation and packaging? . It is nicely weighted, gives glossy curls, and comes in a super-stylish, heat-resistant bag, which folds out into a surface-saving mat.


Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

This is the cheapest and certainly the most cheerful of the curling wand. It is a lightweight, slim wand that does not come with extras such as a heat mat or protective glove. Wind tresses around the barrel manually, holding by the cool end stopper. The results are great if you take a smaller section of hair to create skinny, springy curls that loosen out over time.


T3 Whirl Trio


With three interchangeable tourmaline and ceramic barrels for smoother styling, the Whirl Trio is fantastic for those who like to vary their look. Try the 19mm straight barrel for defined curls, a 25mm tapered for looser, beachy waves and the wide, straight 38mm barrel for adding body to both long and short styles. A small heatproof mat is also included.


H2D Magicurl Grand Wand


Magicurl’s model can heat in stages up to 220 degrees very quickly so it is essential you use the heat-proof glove included to wrap sections of hair around the wand. The barrel is coated with polished tourmaline and along with shaft-penetrating infrared heat; this makes for a silky smooth finish usually found in far pricier curlers.


Toni & Guy Jumbo Tong


Best for flipping the ends of shorter styles or creating larger waves on long hair, these wide 38mm tongs have the traditional flip-open clamp most of us are familiar with. The dial setting makes it easy to find the right temperature – all the way up to 210c for thicker hair. This product also have a generous 5-year guarantee.


Cloud Nine Waving Wand


This curling tool creates bouncy and larger waves on long hair as it is not tapered,. The wand heats in seconds and has three settings to choose from. Cloud Nine advise that we should not believe “more heat is better”. The flip-out stand and the quality heat-proof pouch can also be used as a mat. Bonus points, too, for the protective glove to use when winding hair.


Easilocks 3 in 1 Hair Hero


The genius thing about this hair curling tong is that it can switch to a straightener with the press of a button. The barrel simply splits, so there is no need for it to cool down first. There is a chunky rubber end stopper which keeps fingers well away from the heat and it also has the digital readout for temperature control.


Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Styling Wand


At 25mm, this is a standard-sized curling wand that is good for more traditional spiral curls as well as adding body to layered styles. If you would like looser waves, simply wind a larger section of hair. It has five heat settings for all hair types including damaged hair.


Braun Sensocare Hair Styler


At first glance, this could be confusing as it looks like a straightener. Well, it is, but does much more besides.  Pass hair over its ‘curling edges’ for the creation of waves (or of course, coil sections before clamping flat between the plates, a la the Duchess of Cambridge). It has a variable digital temperature setting you can customise and store so damaged hair does not have to be fried.



Remington ci9538 Pearl Professional Curling Wand


Remington’s pearl ceramic line of professional curling wands uses advanced technology using an infusion of crushed pearls in ceramic plates. This  to create curls that are free from frizz and static. This pearl infusion gives your hair not only smoothness but shine as well by locking in your hair’s natural oils and moisture as you curl it.

With its quick heat up feature, it enables you to achieve curls that are bouncy, defined, and natural-looking at temperatures up to 410°F. The pearl-infused ceramic plates it distributes heat evenly throughout your hair to seal its cuticles while heat is applied when curling. This even heat distribution also assures you that all your curls are given the same amount of heat to hold them longer in shape and size.


It comes with a convenient four year warranty and 20 soft-type rollers in two different sizes to curl your hair for various looks. Its digital display tells you the curling wands temperature as you curl your hair so you can adjust it according to your preference.


With its automatic shut off function, you never have to worry about potential fire hazards. It comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect your fingers and hands while you curl your hair. This curling iron is available at a great price from Amazon, making the Remington Pearl an absolute steal.


Sedu Revolution Clipless curling wand


. Its  alignment system generates  negative ions and gentler far-infrared temperature to curl  hair without the frizz or  static. Its barrel’s exclusive ultra-polish creates the smoothest curls that hold considerably longer. It is suitable for all hair types and capable of creating various kinds of curls. The adjustable digital control up to 350°F, suits fine hair at low, thick hair at medium, and coarse .

The wand will not leave indentions or crease lines on your hair.  It has a straight barrel that creates more natural-looking waves. Thermal images of the wand have shown how it delivers consistent heat along its barrel’s length. With an automatic shut off feature and a heat-resistant grip handle, it has a protective kickstand for the curling iron to rest on counter. Available as a 1 inch curling iron, it also comes in sizes of ¾ inch and 1.5 inches.



What is the length of your hair? The first thing you want to take into consideration is the length of the curling wand.  The length of your hair determines the length and thickness of the curling wand to buy. Do not skip this step since a curling wand with wrong dimensions reducs its usability.


Long Hair- 8–10inches or longer

Use a curling wand that has a longer rod for long hair. Unsure if you fit in this category? For hair beyond the shoulders length , the best curling wand should have a longer rod. This is because it will allow you to wrap longer strands of your hair in one set instead of two. A shorter rod with longer hair will have to do two sets instead of one. Since it is practically impossible not to have both sets overlap, your hair will be prone to damage.

You might want to foresee what kind of style you will want once you have your curling wand.  . However, if you have long hair, use a wand that is greater than 6″ long.


Short Hair- Less than 8 inches long

Women with shorter hair styles will want to get a curling wand that has a shorter rod. If you have short hair, it is very important that you pick the appropriate wand. Since shorter hair requires a lot more finesse and precision in styling,  find a curling wand to match. Fortunately, there is quite a multitude of wands that can do just what you are looking for. You might like forecasting what your hair will look in the future. If you intend on keeping them short, then it is no problem: go for a shorter rod. For short hair, the best hair curling wand   should be shorter than 6″ long and less than 1″ in thickness.




There is a huge range of prices here – some bargainous, some to make your hair curl. Bottom line is, choose a curling wand that will suit your hair type.



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