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Argan oil shampoos

The use of Argan oil shampoos is one of the best solutions to hair damage.Ever wondered how Rapunzel maintained her long lush hair without breaking or dryness? An age old question on how to maintain long voluminous strong and obviously break free. Well, let’s find out.

Dry frizzy hair can be very distressing to any woman. The dryness starts from the scalp and may because by poor nutrition or poor products used on hair. A flaky scalp is not only unhealthy but also very embarrassing for anyone- both men and women. Argan oil shampoos have the potential of solving all these issues.

I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to my hair. I like knowing the exact features that am applying to my hair. Of late I had noticed dryness on both the scalp and the hair and therefore I decided some moisturizing is desperately required. My search has been successful so far and am totally besotted by this oil– Argan oil. A super oil which is originally from Morrocco , the oil has various benefits .

Where  is Argan oil  from?

Because of the visible changes on my hair, I have decided to share the reasons why am sooooo besotted. Aside from the fact that Argan Oil is natural and is produced from Kernels from the Argan tree, the oil is lightweight and very smooth. Nature has given us a solution to our bad hair days in this magical oil and we should desist from looking for synthetic solutions. Argan oil shampoos give the best results in reversing damaged hair.


Traditionally the Moroccan people roasted the Argan kernels and used the oil produced to treat skin diseases. Now, as you can see there are fewer other oils that have the backing of history. There are other traditional medicinal uses like healing burns and curing rheumatism-(. I may not have all the details on the medicinal value of these oil but am very excited about the moisturizing bit.) Further, they used the oil to also protect their skin and hair from aging.


Composition of Argan Oil

Let us break down this marvelous Argan Oil.

  • Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E-tocopherols- and therefore is very good for the skin to ensure even smooth and also anti- aging properties.
  • Argan oil contains unsaturated fatty acids- oeilic, linoleic(Omega 6), linolenic(Omega 3), palmitic, and stearic- these ensue the hair remains healthy and shiny and further ensure that the sebaceous glands produce adequate own oil.
  • Phenols- These are molecules with strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties this makes argan oil very effective in healing the skin and is an anti-inflammation agent. Further, this molecules protect the hair and skin from the Ultra Violet rays from the sun
  • Carotene is an unsaturated hydrocarbon found in plants –the same substance found in carrots and oranges. This absorb ultra violet and  blue rays and thereby making Argan oil an anti-cancer (skin) agent
  • Squalene is a substance found in both animals (mostly fish and birds) and plants which a natural moisturizer.

Argan oil for Hair

Now that we have broken down this marvelous oil, let go to the net point on why the Argan oil shampoos are crucial in hair therapy.

Basically, an ordinary shampoo is made by combining a surfactant (most often sodium lauryl sulfate) with a co-surfactant (cocamodopropyl betaine) with water to form a thick liquid. The surfactant remove the buildup of oils dirt and sebum. This may cause dryness in the hair. As you can imagine if your hair is naturally dry, shampooing with an ordinary shampoo will cause further damage. This therefore may, yes clean your hair and scalp but leave it worse than it was.

For one to benefit from the marvelous attributes of argan oil shampoos, however, one has to be ready to pay a premium than the ordinary shampoos. This oil is rare and highly priced- well it is worth its price.


Using Argan oil shampoos reverses the effect of the surfactant, this is especially so for the shampoo that is sulfate free -DermOrganic Argan Oil (Sulfate free) Daily conditioning Shampoo; This product ensures that the harshness and drying effect of the sulfate is minimized whilst still ensuring that all other benefits of Argan oil are visible leaving the hair looking shiny healthy and break free. There are various shampoos that have been enriched with Argan Oil, while the list is endless, let us look at varying attributes of each. It is important to note that each of the argan oil shampoos that actually contain the virgin or extra virgin Argan oil all have the above benefits with additions as indicated below:

Available Argan Oil Shampoos

OGX shampoo with Moroccan Argan Crème – It’s one of the popular brands and has various benefits. First and foremost it is sulfate free which means the drying effects are unheard of. It is instantly absorbed by the hair. It has been known to leave the hair moisturized strengthened yet soft

 Agadir argan oil shampoo which is both paraben and sulfate free this gives this product an edge as one it is gentle on color treated hair has great aroma. After using this shampoo one is guaranteed on visible fullness and body hair in addition to a lasting fragrance.


Renpure Originals 2002 is another shampoo that maximizes the attributes of argan oil. The shampoo is absorbed gently and ensures that the hairs natural oils and nutrients are sealed whilst shielding the hair from harmful UV rays from the sun and harsh Styling tools.

Another interesting product to look at is Argan oil Ultimate reform Shampoo by Theorie. This product has other herbs for enhancing efficacy- Frankincense and grapeseed oils. It can be classified as a natural reconstructor , rejuvenator and rehabilitator of damaged hair.


Does your hair feel lifeless and limp? Are having a bad hair day? Do you fight frizz every other day? Is your scalp flaky ? Does your hair show your age ? Well look no further let us start with Step one,which is, wash your hair with an Argan Oil shampoo and you will not regret it. You will be guaranteed with perfect hair with right moisture content, no frizz, and healthy scalp. In addition your hair is protected from UV, violet and Blue rays from the sun. Argan oil shampoos keep your hair and scalp from wakening with age. Now is this a wonderful gift from nature? YEAH!!!

It is very important to note, Washing your hair everyday with any other shampoo dries the hair and may keep the skin from producing own oils. Enjoy the amazing results of Argan Oil Shampoos.


Some of the available Argan oil shampoos are below:

  • Crème of Nature, Professional shampoo
  • Majestic Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Renpure Originals 2002 Argan Oil Shampoo
  • OGX shampoo with Moroccan Argan Crème
  • DermOrganic Sulfate free Daily conditioning Shampoo
  • Pura D’OR hair loss prevention therapy shampoo
  • Deluge Moroccan argan oil Shampoo
  • Orlando Pita Argan gloss Shampoo
  • Agadir Argan Oil daily moisturizing shampoo
  • Art Naturals organic Argan oil Hair loss prevention shampoo



The beauty about these products one does not need to be a professional to use them as they are easy to use.



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