Lavender is derived from a Latin word, Lavare, meaning “to wash”; because of its aroma that satisfies the feeling of a clean aroma. Through steam distillation, lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers.

Product Description

Have you ever wondered why Lavender oil is an ingredient in so many health and beauty and hair products? Well, it was a secret of beauty experts but no longer is. Not all lavender oils are equal. The formula has to be 100% natural and pure so before purchasing you have to confirm that you get the best and highest quality.

Lavender essential oil takes about 150 pounds of flowers to produce a pound! Many factors are considered and depending from season to season, a hot dry growing season yields more lavender than a cold and rainy season.

The flower is harvested by picking when the blooms are fully developed, when the oil in the flowers is at peak and contains amounts of ester/ fragrance and then taken through a process to extract the oil. The oil can range in color from pale yellow to green. The constituent include fragrance ester, linalyl acetate (approximated to 40%) and linalool, a terpene alcohol that is not toxic to humans. A combination of the sweet scent and antimicrobial properties are the main key properties to effectiveness in cosmetics.

Benefits Of Lavender Oil To Hair Growth

If you are new to essential oils, Lavender is one of the most frequently used oils. It has anti-bacterial properties that are amazing with the skin especially hair scalp that can be used to treat and heal wounds and itchy scalp. It has a soothing and relaxing effect with a very nice fragrance, texture and viscosity. The smell is amazing, therapeutic and wonderful! It also has antifungal that helps and prevents hair loss.

Lavender oil is significant in promoting growth of hair too. These days many people lose their hair due to medical conditions called alopecia areata. If you are among people who are experiencing a hair loss condition such as alopecia areata, you can surely benefit from this oil. This regenerative oil is used by manufacturers in producing scalp and hair products.  In addition, this oil aids in some health conditions of the body.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to treat and reject its hair follicles as foreign objects. Lavender oil is a natural product to help treat this disease. A group of dermatologists in Scotland studied and found out that 44 percent of Alopecia patients who were tested experienced new hair growth after they massaged their scalp daily with Lavender oil for a period of seven months. They blended Lavender oil with rosemary, thyme and carrier oils which dilutes the essential oil and helps in delivery of their healing properties without irritation.

Lavender flower has a sweet and soft scent. It is regenerative and can also stop hair loss. It is found in hair formulas for all types of hair and scalp conditions. There are many causes of hair loss which include but not limited to common issues like stress, anxiety, depression, just to mention a few, all of which can lead to insomnia and interrupt the normal healing process that takes place at a cellular level while we sleep. Sufficient rest provides another stronghold against hair loss.

Lavender oil is known to be antifungal and has some antiseptic which disinfects the scalp making it effective oil for hair growth. It is also known for treating dry skin, dandruff and other scalp conditions. It fights bacteria, fungi and other harmful organism as well as the overall clean and healthy skin.

It is a good medium of ensuring that hair can be managed without using any harmful chemicals.  Hair massage is needed when lavender is used on hair.

Individuals who have wits and lice in their hair will surely benefit from lavender oil. It can also be used by individuals who have too much hair fall. The lost hair can grow when the oil is thoroughly massaged into the scalp and a significant increase of hair growth will be seen as time goes by.

Mental peace helps reduce the amount of hair loss. Lavender oil reduces stress, because after massaging the oil on the scalp anxiety reduces and you can get a proper sleep.

People all over the world give importance to hair growth, irrespective of gender and age, and they want to make it healthy and thick to increase their beauty. But because of too much industrialization and stress, it has increased hair loss. Lavender oil can cure this.

How to Apply Lavender Oil on Hair

There is nothing special about applying lavender oil. It is just like any other oil that you might have used on your scalp. You simply need to put a drop of the oil onto your scalp to test for any irritation first and then massage thoroughly. If you do not notice any irritations on your scalp during the massage, have consistent massage every night for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Concentrate mostly on the thinning parts or where there is a lot of hair loss or bald spots of your scalp. If you feel the need, you can dilute a little but do not overdo it because you will lose its benefit and it will not be as effective as it would have if concentrated. Once done with the massage, wrap your air with a clean towel and relax. This can be done for a period of seven months and you will be sure to notice a big difference.

You can also consider adding 6 to 10 drops of lavender oil mixed with rosemary oil to water with a quarter cup of oatmeal and apply the mixture onto your scalp and thoroughly massage. It can be washed off after an hour. The mixture will help in preventing dryness of the scalp.

Other Benefits Of Lavender Oil

Apart from helping in hair loss and growth, lavender oil has many other numerous benefits and is the most preferred essential oil for good reasons of course.

  • Various condition treatment .

The importance of lavender essential oil for health includes its ability to regulate nervous tension, relieve different kind of pain, clean your skin, enhance circulation of blood and heal respiratory illnesses.

Lavender oil should be a must have in your house first aid kit because it helps in treating bites and burns, minor cuts and burns, helps in relieving headaches and migraines as it improves your mood. It also helps in relieving pain and inflammation after injury. Lavender oil is also known for reducing muscle joint pains, all you have to do is rub just a little and relax.

Lavender is well known for its relaxing effects. A daily scalp massage with the oil not only soothes dry, itchy skin but calms the mind and body to lull you into a deep sleep

As well as being good for the hair, lavender is good for the rest of the body and mind. Its calming scent is therapeutic for many nervous disorders and helps relieve pain from sore muscles, sprains, migraines and rheumatism among other conditions.


Many respiratory disorders are widely treated with lavender including asthma, laryngitis, tonsillitis and cold or flu symptoms. It can be applied topically on the skin or added to vaporizers and inhalers. Once again, the relaxing scent aids in restful sleep which further helps heal from disease or injury.


Lavender is antifungal and antiseptic making it effective oil for skin and has many uses to treat wounds or skin disorders such as eczema. Use of the oil helps to boost the immune system and provides additional resistance to disease. Additional benefits include improved circulation and lower blood pressure as well as aiding in digestion.


  • Insomnia

Lavender is known to be a relaxant and therefore it induces sleep. It is therefore recommended as a natural way to induce sleep. All you have to do is put a few drops during bath time and on your pillowcase and it will sooth you to sleep. Rubbing the oil on your feet will also help induce sleep. The sweet smell is relaxing and before you know it you would have already dozed off.

  • Skin Care


Lavender oil is also known to be a relaxant. A few drops of the oil to a plain moisturizer can help cure acne because it inhibits bacteria. It can also be used during bath time and can be mixed with your lotion to give you soft skin and a fresh sweet scent.

·        Urine production

Of late many people suffer from urinary disorders. Lavender oil can help as it stimulates the production of urine and also restores hormonal imbalance. It also reduces inflammation of urinary bladder and minimizes the risk of cystitis. It is also known to reduce cramps associated with urinary disorders.

·        Other home uses

Having a sweet smell, lavender can be added during laundry to give your clothes a wonderful smell. It can also be used in homemade candles to give your house a warm reception. It can also be used as a makeup remover, room freshener and natural cleaner.

Lavender can also be added to detergents during rinsing of clothes as it leaves an amazing scent. Adding it in a little water and using it to spray curtains and carpets, pillows and couch covers will leave your house with a fresh smell.


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Despite Lavender having numerous benefits studies shows that it has cytotoxic and photosensitizing which is not safe for pregnant and nursing women. Also people who have allergies and sensitive skin are advised to consult their doctor before using Lavender oil.

To sum it up, lavender oil is an effective means to promoting hair growth and assisting to some medical conditions.  On the other hand, doctor’s advice is still necessary especially on major health disorders listed above. Enjoy and increase your beauty by using lavender oil into your hair.


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